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Co-Op Advertising Reimbursment Application Form

Print this page  & Fax to (804) 257-5450

(  ) Pre Approval Request - or - (  ) Post Ad campaign Inquiry*

JRTE Member Name: __________________________

Contact Information: __________________________ Name

                             __________________________ Phone

                             __________________________ Email

JRTE Client Number: #_________________________

Total Amount Paid for Advertising Campaign: $_________________

Date(s) of campaign: ________________ - __________________

Target: ___Consumers __Business-to-Business ___ other

Media: ( )Radio Ad ( ) Print ( ) TV ( ) Online ( ) Other______________________

Please include copy of advertisement, copy, or details whenever possible.
This will expidite your trade credit pre-approval.

Call us if you have any questions or concerns BEFORE running the ad.

Notes/Comments: _____________________________________________________

Thank you,

Cindy Creasy Woolfolk,
James River Trade Exchange

To email us a copy of your advertisiment: click here

JRTE Office Use: ( ) Approved for ____% on ___/____/_____ Ref # _______________

                        ( ) Denied b/c _____________________________________________

For Your Records - Terms of JRTE Co-Operative Ad Program

Pre-approval is recommended to ensure proper trade credit will be allowed.
JRTE requires some proof of campaign completion and reserves right to charge back any cancelled campaigns if necessary.

Member must be in good standing at time of campaign & month of reinbursment.
Ask a broker for details (804) 257-7126 before running ads.

All decisions regarding co-op reimbursment are final and made
exclusively by the president of James River Trade Exchange.
JRTE reserves right to approve or deny any co-op reimbursment for any reason.

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